HUNTSVILLE, ON-Students at the Huntsville High School are spreading the Christmas spirit with hand-made cards.

The grade 10 students of the Workplace English class have been making cards for the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces and those who are living at the local retirement home, Fairvern.

In an interview with the newsroom, Teacher Saree Sasson said that she has some amazing students who are really committed to creating these cards. “Each card is handwritten with personal messages and they help each students improve their writing skills,” said Sasson.

Sasson went on to say that this is both a learning experience for the students and a chance to bring the holiday spirit to those who are not able to spend it with their families. “My students have had so many thoughts on what to do, one girl wrote her card with messages of love while another student wanted to go visit these people in person,” said Sasson.

Sasson made note of one of her students who is a cadet. This student heard about this program to create Christmas cards for those who would not be able to spend the holidays with their family and wanted to do the same here.

“I found that this was an important initiative to follow through on and when I asked the students how they feel when they get a hand written letters compared to an email, they were excited to take part,” said Sasson.

The class is now in the process of writing letters for the local retirement home so that the residents can feel the Christmas cheer.