MUSKOKA, ON – Thanks to the Salvation Army and the OPP children in need will have presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

Kam Robinson is a Lieutenant with the Salvation Army and the local Community Ministry and Core Officer. She told the newsroom that every kid registered will get at least four toys from the drive.

“Every year we always end up collecting enough and we are so very grateful for that,” Robinson said. “The need has increased in Gravenhurst and Bracebridge. We have never had a problem providing for the children that need it and we don’t anticipate it will be a problem this year.”

Auxillary Staff Sergeant Bobby LeBouthillier told the roughly 1,500 toys were donated across the three locations.

“This was a fantastic day!” LeBouthillier said. “The generosity always puts a smile on my face. In total, at the three locations, we each filled the cruisers three times for a total of  9 loads of toys, in four hours is amazing.”

LeBouthillier said he didn’t know exactly how many families signed up to receive the donations, but the community delivered again this year.

“This wouldn’t be possible at all if it wasn’t for the retailers allowing us to set up at their front doors!” LeBouthillier said. “I’m proud to call Muskoka my home.”

Robinson said the Salvation Amry is still accepting donations. Anyone looking to drop off toys can do so at any of the organization’s buildings during business hours.