GRAVENHURST, ON-Council is considering installing new electric car chargers for the town in an effort to go greener.

On November 19th, Councillor of Ward 2, Jo Morphy introduced the idea of installing a new series of electric car chargers in hope that it will help boost tourism and convince people to pursue more green driving alternatives.

While the town already has a few car charging stations, some people are unable to do so because of the different adapters that come with the stations. ‘I have had a few people come up to me with this issue and it’s just because we don’t have universal adapters,” said Morphy.

Morphy said that with these new stations, people can access them with their phone and reserve the spot while locals and tourists wander and explore Gravenhurst. “It will be charged directly to their credit card, kind of like Uber,” said Morphy.

During the council meeting, Councillor Lorenz made a point to address that even though she supports the initiative, she was worried that not many electric cars come up to the Muskoka area, to begin with, and that the cars don’t operate well in the snow.

Morphy said that Lorenz brought up a good point but she is not worried. “With the companies I have spoken to, I believe that cars are becoming more advanced,” said Morphy.

Morphy said that they are still in the searching process but she is favouring the option to install charging stations that cost around $75,000.00 which charge cars at a faster rate.

Council is still researching the best way to go about installing these new charging stations and they will reconvene at a later date with their findings.