GRAVENHURST, ON-Two children have been chosen as the winners for this year’s Winter Carnival button design.

On November 19th, Gravenhurst council announced Parker Tucker and Jack MacBrian as this year’s Winter Carnival button design winners.

Gravenhurst Mayor Paul Kelly said that the designs of the buttons capture what the winter carnival is all about in Gravenhurst and they cannot wait for this year’s celebration and to wear the buttons proudly.

The first design features the towns mascot, Skokie with a couple of snowmen, while the other button shows a polar bear standing on an iceberg with the Canadian flag.

In an interview with the newsroom, Winter Carnival committee member Marc Mantha said that they had over 30 children submit their designs for the contest. “They were all really good but it’s up to Skokie who wins the competition,” said Mantha.

Mantha said that instead of using tickets to get into the carnival, the committee decided that people can pay $5.00 to use the buttons as the admission fee. “Instead of buying a ticket, people who come to the carnival buy a button and wear it around as they enjoy the festivities,” said Mantha.

The buttons are currently being prepared for the 2020 Winter Carnival that is set to take place between February 14th to the 17th in the Gull Lake and downtown area.