GRAVENHURST, ON-Elexicon Energy in Gravenhurst has received multiple reports about money scams involving people posing as representatives from their company.

These scams have been targeting residential and small business owners and the scammers threaten to turn off their utilities unless they pay them immediately. In a few cases, the would-be fraudsters have actually shown up at customers’ homes and businesses.

Elexicon says it does not threaten immediate disconnection for those missing a payment. Those who use Elexicon receive phone messages and notices about when their payment is due.

Elexicon wants their customers to know they do not accept payment in bitcoin or money transfers and do not use text messages to communicate with their clients about their bills.

Customers who suspect any type of fraud are encouraged to contact Elexicon Energy’s Customer Care Department at 1-888-402-0070 or online at [email protected]com. Those who fall victim or suspect fraud should also contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.