BRACEBRIDGE, ON – The almost 30 approved flood relief applications in Bracebridge will be getting paid out Thursday.

In a release from the town, 27 completed claims were submitted through the Canadian Red Cross and Bracebridge. While $47,000 was raised, The Flood Relief Committee decided $45,000 would be given out between the successful applicants.

The release added the payments under the 2019 Flood Relief Program will be sent to recipients on October 17, 2019.

The committee approved the remaining $2,000 to be given out by the town’s chief administrative officer and director of finance.

The release said the remaining funds will likely be put into a community support budget or held by Bracebridge in an Emergency Planning Reserve in preparation for a future flood.

“On behalf of the citizens of Bracebridge, members of Council and Town Staff, I would like to sincerely
thank the 2019 Flood Relief Committee members for their time and dedication to their community,” said
Mayor Graydon Smith in the release. “I was not surprised to see Cathryn, Chris and Art step forward and join this committee, as their support for the people of Bracebridge has always been steadfast.”

A state of emergency was declared this past April in Bracebridge after significant rainfall and snowmelt raised the Muskoka River Watershed to historically high levels.

The town experienced significant flooding with over 1,000 properties being impacted.

Bracebridge started collecting donations from the community on May 3rd, which is where the $47,000 came from.

In early July the flood committee was established to figure out how to distribute the donated funds. The group met three times to develop the application, establish criteria for successful candidates and give recommendations on how to distribute the money.

Chair of the 2019 Flood Relief Committee Cathryn Willard said she was happy to assist and be part of the group.

“As fellow citizens, it is important to show our appreciation for those who donated, and support those who are rebuilding,” Willard said in the release.

The Town of Bracebridge thanked all the members of the 2019 Flood Relief Committee for their
work and the community members who donated funds and volunteered their time to help during the disaster.