HUNTSVILLE, ON – Public school students are currently at the Huntsville High School as a potential gas leak shut down classes Thursday.

According to Trillium Lakelands District School Board(TLDSB), it happened before buses arrived this morning. All students, including those who walked to class, have been taken to Huntsville High School.

The TLDSB confirmed that all public school classes and nighttime programming are cancelled on Thursday.

The school board is now asking any parents, who can, to pick their kids up. They will have to go to the front office and will then be reunited with their child.

The school board said if parents can pick up their kids it would really help out because there are upwards of 400 students in the high school.

The organization assured parents they are safe and with their teachers.

The school board added if a gas leak is found and fixed, they will have to wait to make sure the odour is gone before classes can resume.

If parents are unable to pick their kids up, the TLDSB will give them an update on how they will be transported back to the public school if classes resume.

The school board said it will be business as usual for students who take the bus, they will just leave from the high school instead. Students who get picked up will also have to be picked up from the building as well.