HUNTSVILLE, ON – A potential change to a Huntsville exotic pets bylaw did not happen.

A development committee meeting yesterday went overtime and the item was not dealt with and will be discussed next Thursday morning at an extension of the development committee meeting.

The changes were looking to add definitions, and an exemptions process among other items and repeal the existing bylaw introduced in 2006 to be replaced with an updated version.

Non-venomous snakes such as ball-pythons under 2 metres in length are now acceptable under the banned list.

Some fines and use of short-form words will need to be approved by the Chief Justice of the Attorney General’s office.

Also added in is a prohibition of any type of circus to perform within the town limits.

A report notes there have been no complaints about exotic pets since the existing law was introduced 13 years ago.

If the updated bylaw is approved it would go before council later this month.

Class of Animal Common Name – Examples *

All Animals on the list of Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species (CITES #1 Endangered Species List)

All Venomous Arachnids tarantulas
All Venomous Arthropods scorpion
All Artiodactyl Ungulates (except domestic camel, antelope, Llamas, giraffes,
goats, sheep, pig, cattle) hippopotamus
All Canidae (other than common dog) wolf, jackal, fox, coyote or hybrids
All Chiropterae bat
All Crocodylidae alligator, crocodile
All Endentates anteater, armadillo, sloth
All Felids (other than common cat) leopard, lion, tiger, lynx, panther, puma,
cheetah, jaguar, bobcat, ocelot or
All Hyanenidae hyena
All Insectivora (Except hedgehog) shrews, moles
All Marsupialia bandicoot, kangaroo, opossum,
wombat, koala, Tasmanian devilAll Herpestidae mongoose
All Mephitidae skunk
All Mustelidae (except domestic ferrets) marten, polecat, weasel, otters,
badgers, mink, fisher, wolverine
All Perissodactyl Ungulates (except domestic horse, tapir, zebra, rhinoceroses
donkey, mule or jackass)
All Pinnipediae seal, walrus, sea lion
All Non-Human Primates ape, lemur, monkey, gorilla
All Proboscidea elephant
All Procyonidae coati, raccoon, ringtails
All Raptors eagle, hawk, owl, vulture, falcons
All Ratites cassowary, ostrich, emus, rheas
All Ursidae bear
All Venomous Reptilia venomous snake, lizard
All Serpentes of the families Pythonidae and Boidae** python, boa, anaconda
All Viverridae civet

*Note: The common names referred to in the right-hand column are some of the names of animals
included in the classes of animals referred to in the left-hand column of this schedule. The
common name are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to limit the
extent of the classes of animals referred to.

**Note: Beyond 2 meters in length

Permissible Animals Include: domesticated dogs, cats, goats, sheep, pig, cattle, horses, mules,
donkey, jackass, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice rats, degu, chinchilla, gerboa, hedgehogs, rabbits