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The #1 Question to Ask Your Asphalt Contractor

Ital Paving (1985) Ltd.

The #1 Question to Ask Your Asphalt Contractor

So you’re thinking of paving around your home, your cottage or your business. You want to invest in a drive-way, a tennis court, a business parking lot, an asphalt paving job that looks beautiful and will hold up to the test of time.

How do you determine which Asphalt Contractor to choose?  Is it the best estimate?  The promise of doing the best work?  The recommendations of friends and neighbours?
These are all good suggestions.

But Ital Paving (1985) Ltd., suggests you ask an Asphalt Contractor the Most Important Question: What kind of asphalt do you use?

HL3 vs. HL3A

There are 2 types of Hot Mix Asphalt commonly used for driveways: HL3 and HL3A.

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“HL” stands for Hot Load and “3” represents the size of the aggregate used. Generally speaking, the majority of the aggregate and stone used in this mix would be 13.2 mm mixed with sand and other fines. The aggregate mix of up to 13.2 mm stones and sand make up approximately 95% of the asphalt mix used to pave a driveway. The other 5% is the asphalt cement, otherwise known as bitumen or liquid asphalt. Bitumen is the heavy oil or sludge leftover in the bottom of the barrel during the oil refinery process.

The bitumen component (oil basically) is to blame for the softening of our asphalt surfaces during heat waves. It is necessary to use as a binding agent for the aggregates but it will remind us that it is an oil product during a heat wave!

The difference between HL3 and HL3A is simply the amount of sand in the mix. The more sand in the mix, the softer and smoother the driveway will be. HL3A may still hold up well under light use conditions, however, it may not hold together well in a heatwave.

Therefore, the best kind of asphalt mix to use is: HL3. The more 13.2 mm aggregate used in the mix, the stronger and more durable the driveway will be.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Here in Cottage Country, Ital Paving (1985) Ltd. has a reputation for excellent workmanship.  What is the key to their success?  It is the quality of the asphalt they work with.

Choosing an Asphalt Contractor is no simple task, but if you ask the right questions and use high grade asphalt, HL3, you can avoid costly repairs and cracks in the future.
Ital Paving (1985) Ltd. uses its large volume buying power to get premium asphalt at the same cost of the lower grade, and passes the savings on to the customer.

Trusted Paving Professionals

Ital Paving (1985) Ltd. in Barrie serves the paving needs of residential, commercial and industrial clients, offering professional installation, repair and maintenance of asphalt products in Barrie, Central Ontario, and Cottage Country.  They offer a finished product backed by over 30 years of commercial and residential paving excellence.
All Ital Paving (1985) Ltd. sservices are backed by a written warranty.

To request a free estimate and no-obligation onsite consultation contact:

Ital Paving (1985) Ltd.,
92 Caplan Ave., Barrie, ON, Canada
Toll Free: 1 855 722 0765

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