HUNTSVILLE, ON – A local business has been named as the most recent partner of a foundation program.

Earlier today, Algonquin Orthodontics announced that Dr. Marc Yarascavitch & Dr. Katie Best are the 52nd partner named to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation’s Business Cares Program.

Yarascavitch says “I joined the Business Cares program to support The Huntsville Hospital Foundation because local healthcare is critical to our community’s well-being. I’ve seen first-hand that when you’re unwell, nothing else matters accept(sic) your health. I’m so thankful that my family has received high-quality medical treatment through every stage of life from birth to end-of-life care.

He goes on to say “most importantly it’s all happened right here in Huntsville where we already live, work, shop, learn and play. This great local care exists because of the good nurses, doctors, technicians and support teams who provide our care at our hospital, and also because the Foundation puts modern equipment and facilities in the hands of those care providers to help them do their best for us.

“I want to make sure that my wife, sons and daughter, my parents, my patients and their families throughout this region each have continuous and local access to excellent healthcare. This is why I’ve decided to support our local hospital and why I hope others recognize the importance of giving,” says Yarascavitch.

The Business Cares Program was launched in 2016 with hopes of getting 40 businesses enrolled, they have surpassed that goal by 12 up to this point.

All 52 of the businesses have committed to donating $25,000 or more over the next five years.