WASAUKSING FIRST NATION, ON- The swing bridge over to Wasauksing First Nation is up and running again.

According to Ryan Tabobondung, the director of public works for WFN, the bridge is operational as of this afternoon. Engineers had been on-site yesterday, after the crossing had been stuck in the closed position on Wednesday.

The operators of the bridge had started a normal swing around 3:00 p.m. that day, when they heard a loud grinding noise coming from the structure.

Tabobondung told the MyParrySoundNow.com newsroom at the time that it appeared as though the main gear for the bridge and the concrete support structure had been grinding together.

He was unsure if the gears had shifted somehow, or there were larger structural issues with the bridge.

The cause of the noise remains unclear at this time, but a report with repair recommendations is being put together. Tabobondung believes the bridge will need repairs after this closure, and should know more by either Monday or Tuesday.

With the bridge fully operational, the land link for WFN remains in place and marine traffic can pass through the area when the bridge is swung.

A public meeting on the future of the 120-year-old crossing is scheduled for August 21st in Parry Sound.

The structure is owned by the federal government, and operated by WFN.