HUNTSVILLE, ON- MLI Homestay needs your help.

The company regularly places international students in the Muskoka area for short stays, with the latest group coming from Japan.

According to Andrew Hunter, homestay administrator at MLI, the group is a mix of teenaged boys and girls, who are really excited to visit Canada. However, the company is facing a crunch to find local host families in Huntsville.

“We’ve never failed before, so that’s we’re sort of pushing the panic button, so to speak,” said Hunter.

“We’ve never failed in the past, and Sabo has been with us for many years, and they love coming to Canada.”

The group will be coming on Tuesday, July 23rd, and staying until Saturday, August 3rd, participating in English classes at the Huntsville Curling Club during their visit. MLI is looking for ten host families in Huntsville, Bracebridge or Gravenhurst to host one student for that time period.

Host families will need to provide the student with three meals each day and a separate bedroom in the home, and are compensated $363 for their time hosting. If they’re able to drive the student to their classes in Huntsville, they will be compensated more.

If they can host but cannot drive the student to the curling club in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon, there will be carpooling options available.

According to Hunter, the crunch came because many families in Huntsville were going on holiday during the student’s timeframe. He believed any family that hosted a student would enjoy the experience.

“We always say that hosting a student is like travelling without the travel expenses, because they get to experience Japanese culture, and it’s kind of a fun opportunity,” said Hunter.

“We look forward to another successful group.”