BRACEBRIDGE, ON- Bracebridge council has firmed up its cannabis sales zones.

A report from the Manager of Planning Services Matt Holmes was recently shown to the council, indicating where cannabis sales can specifically take place based on the provincially mandated 150-metre exclusion zones near schools.

Holmes said it wasn’t done because of any pending applications for a retail cannabis location, but out of necessity should a request come through.

“Our planning committee meets roughly every three weeks,” he told the newsroom.

“If a request came in we have 15 days to respond to it, meaning we might not be able to turn the information around in time.”

Now there is a formal document that can be referred to for any future applications. Manitoba Street, a busy main street retail zone, now has blocked 152 to 180 Manitoba on the southwest side from any cannabis retail.

Also, the building at 146 Kimberly Avenue (at Manitoba) cannot sell cannabis. It is currently a family restaurant.

Other areas in Bracebridge also have exclusion zones but without the number of storefront retail opportunities available.

The latest announcement from the provincial government on the licensing of cannabis stores came out this week, with 50 more stores planned for the province as part of a second lottery.

From the previous lottery, a total of 84 applications for cannabis retail operations were submitted from addresses in Huntsville, Bracebridge, Parry Sound, and Haliburton.