SKELETON LAKE, ON- No one was injured after a crash near Skeleton Lake last week.

The crash took place around 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, close to the intersection of Highway 141 and Skeleton Lake Road 5.

Muskoka Lakes firefighters found an SUV fully engulfed in flame at the scene when they arrived, and sprayed down the vehicle to put out the fire. A delivery truck was also at the scene, and is believed to have struck the SUV.

A mother and her child were taken from the scene via ambulance.

According to the Bracebridge OPP, neither the mother or her child suffered any injuries from the crash.

The two vehicles involved had been a Nissan Rogue SUV, and a 2018 Ram Pickup.

The police indicated that the crash had occurred after the Rogue had tried to pass the truck when it was slowing down to turn.

Why the SUV ended up on fire is unknown.

No charges were laid, and none are anticipated as the investigation is complete.