AEDs Save Lives

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere. In Canada it occurs every 13 minutes and kills more people than traffic accidents, gun violence, house fires, breast cancer, prostate cancer and AIDs combined!

SCA is described as when someone is unconscious and not breathing normally. There is over a 75% survival rate when a defibrillator (AED) is used within the first 10 minutes of an arrest.

SaveStations, which house life-saving AED’s, help to standardize the visual look of an AED cabinet, while also increasing visibility and recognition.  The goal of SaveStation is to provide quick access to AEDs throughout our communities, and create mass education and understanding on when and how to use an AED.

The distinctive SaveStation located at Kelvin Grove Park in Bracebridge was placed by The Moose 99.5, Action First Aid and the Town of Bracebridge. Their partnership helped make our community safer through placing an easy-to-use defibrillator outdoors, so its accessible 24/7 – year round.

This Public Access Defibrillator is a lightweight, battery-operated, portable device   that checks the heart’s rhythm and if needed sends a shock to the heart to restore a normal rhythm. Anyone can use an AED and best of all you can’t do any harm or mess them up!

AED’s save lives.

In the event of an emergency follow these quick steps..

Watch these SaveStation AED/CPR training videos:

Read the My Muskoka Now News story:

Because every second matters, let’s make sure we all have quick, easy access to SaveStations everywhere.  

Together we will save more lives.

To learn more about the Bracebridge SaveStation, we encourage you to visit Action First Aid’s