The Township of Seguin is taking a second look at mooring regulations this summer.

Last year limits for how long a boat could be docked at the town’s facility were slashed, eliminating overnight mooring. As a result, the new limit became just one hour, which many felt was too short.

At issue were boats taking up slips for longer-term docking of multiple days, preventing visitors from tying up and visiting the town for a few hours.

Now council has approved eliminating the one-hour limit while maintaining a ban on overnight stays at the town dock.

The plan is to use existing town staff in the form of swim instructors that would monitor boats that are moored in mornings and afternoons. A summer staff person will monitor mooring on weekends.

The township will review results at the end of the summer to determine how long boats are staying tied up and what other stipulations might be needed to the by-law.