There are going to be some sore backs and feet in Bracebridge on Monday morning.

Nearly a hundred men and boys participated in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event held today. They were walking in high heels of all shape, size and description to raise money for and awareness of violence against women.

Organizer Hannah Lin, Executive Director of the YWCA Bracebridge, was pleased with the turnout.

“I think we will be able to raise in the area of $18,000 to $20,000,” she said. “All the funds that we raise go back into our school-based programs to help our boys and young men and girls and young women learn about healthy relationships.”

One OPP officer, sporting some stylish red stilettos insisted he was not out of uniform and was in fact ordered into the fancy footwear.

Corrections officer Mike Dash confirmed, in fact, he would not be able to dash wearing his pink heels. “Use toes only, was the only advice I was given,” he said with a laugh.

Town Crier Bruce Kruger squeezed into a delightful red pair of size 12 leather pumps. With two OPP officers flanking him for safety, he put forth an impassioned speech about the need to stop violence against women.

“Violence against the female population is wrong, it’s abhorrent, it’s criminal and most importantly it should not and will not be tolerated,” he said to a rousing ovation. “Why are we standing here wearing these ridiculous contraptions of the devil? Why are we endangering our ankles, our legs, our dignity, even our image and self-esteem in public? . . . Because in real life we are trying desperately to end violence, speaking out for our mothers, our daughters, grandmothers, nieces. We want everyone including co-workers and friends to feel safe.”

The group walked along Wellington Street looping back and covering a mile in what can only be described as an uncomfortable looking saunter.