A list of approved grants for Gravenhurst’s Community Improvement Plan has been released.

The CIP helps downtown businesses with upgrades to things like facades and improving the overall look and feel of the Business Improvement Area.

Yesterday Gravenhurst Town Council approved grants totalling $75,323 for 17 applications. That list was reduced from 24 applications worth around $156,000.

“It’s amazing to see the positive results of the program, not only visually but also in how residents and visitors feel about our downtown core now,” said Mayor Paul Kelly. “This program has been the driving force behind some amazing façade transformations, even this week! In addition, we have seen high levels of assistance provided to our property owners to improve outdated structural elements, efficiency and accessibility.”

Once funding is approved, business owners must complete the work before receiving the grant.

“We have had a number of new business owners set up shop in Gravenhurst and this year was a good mix of new and existing business or property owners applying,” explained Jeff Loney, manager of economic development. “This year will see the largest amount of private investment into the downtown core, with multiple major renovation projects in the works.”

Now completing its 7th year, the CIP program has been able to facilitate more than $3 million in improvement projects. Eligible projects can include structural improvements, accessibility, energy efficiency, improvements to façade and signage projects aimed at improving the physical beauty of the buildings.

For a complete rundown of grant recipients click here.