With people again complaining across the country about being woken up by the Amber Alert Tuesday morning, the people of Muskoka aren’t one of them.

Both the Bracebridge and Huntsville OPP detachments said they received zero calls from anyone regarding being annoyed by the alert.

Constable Samantha Bigley in Bracebridge said it was a testament to the community.

“We have a fantastic and very caring community in Muskoka,” Bigley said. “When we do get the occasional call to complain, I find that surprising. I am glad to see there were no complaints this time because it reassures me that I am correct and we have a fantastic community.”

Bigley added the fact Muskoka was in the area the alert was issued for may have had something to do with it. She said when she has received complaints in the past they are usually about the alert being issued in a place far away that wouldn’t affect them.

The constable added it could also be that people are finally getting used to the alerts.

“This is the reality,” Bigley said. “We have this fantastic service available to us to get all that information out and it is perhaps shocking and inconvenient in the beginning but as we start to understand how important it is, it’s possible some people have adjusted to that. They may be taking it that way instead of it being just disruptive.”

She added those who make the complaint through 911 likely won’t get fined but there will be a conversation. Bigley said officers will go to the persons home to explain to them 911 is for emergencies only. Officers also want to check on them to make sure it was just a complaint and they aren’t in need of help.