The Perfect Summer: A Dog’s Diary

This summer is going to be the best one yet! My owners are planning on spending summer hanging out at the cottage, and I couldn’t be more excited! I overheard we’re getting a SmartFence for me, my brother Spike, and sister Snowball. That means we get to roam leash-free because we’ll all get trained where to play by DogWatch of Central Ontario. When I was at the dog park last week my new friend Daisy told me all about it…

At first I was worried about the SmartFence giving us a shock. But I hear it uses new collar technology which is safe for all pets. Spike’s not the best behaved pup but DogWatch will train him until he gets it. DogWatch is apparently really good at training and that’s why they offer guaranteed containment for all dogs. Even an indoor cat like Snowball can enjoy the cottage life because DogWatch has a system for her too! However I don’t want her digging up my bones… they’re mine.

Spike and I sure like to swim. Fetch is our favourite game. We’re always racing each other to get the ball in the water. Sometimes we sneak in when no one is looking. Unfortunately that’ll come to an end with the SmartFence. Our parents can control everything right at the shoreline with the flick of a switch. Too bad because I love going for a swim right before bed time. No more skinny dipping!

I’m not sure why it’s called a “fence” because apparently all we’ll see are some white flags. Daisy said she saw flags inside her house too. I wonder if the garbage will be off limits now… I guess that means no more counter-surfing for Spike. That’s okay I guess because now we can run around the property all summer long and not worry about running too far and getting lost or in fights with Danny a few doors down.

Me and Spike know dogs from all over that could really use some help with a SmartFence from DogWatch of Central Ontario. Apparently they serve all of Simcoe County, Parry Sound, Collingwood and Haliburton. Snowball understands the humans and she says it’s really affordable. That’s why we still get all the best treats and toys. A half-acre property with installation and training included starts at just $1500+HST. If anyone needs to find them Spike says he’ll be happy to sniff them out, as long as it’s not past the edge of the yard. Or they can look up DogWatch of Central Ontario on one of their flashy screens.

Well that’s it for now. I think I hear the postman…


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