The Huntsville OPP says it has received reports of individuals going door to door in the area collecting money for flood relief.

The OPP is warning residents that this is a scam.  Police say the individuals involved in this are preying on the generosity of locals. These individuals often use high-pressure techniques to get money out of you. In a post on Facebook Mayor Scott Aitchison says he’s been told that at least some of the scammers going door-to-door are claiming to be from the Red Cross.

Stay vigilant and do not give these people money.

Although there are many legitimate charity organizations here are some ways to protect yourself:

-Ask for photo ID and get the name of the person and the name of the organization they represent.

-Ask for a charity breakdown of where funds are allocated. Be sure to get it in writing.

-Never share personal information.

-Research before you donate.

Anyone that has contact with suspicious charities is asked to report the interaction to police.