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Flooding to get worse in eastern provinces; Two dead and over 70 sick in countrywide salmonella outbreak

Flooding across Canada

Thousands of people across Canada have been forced from their homes due to floods and relief isn’t coming soon. Over 6,000 people have been displaced in a Montreal suburb while flooding has caused states of emergency in Central Ontario’s cottage country. Flood waters in New Brunswick should recede later this week.

Salmonella outbreak from desert snacks

More than 70 people across the country have gotten sick and two have died from salmonella poising in pastries. Celebrate brand chocolate eclairs and cream puffs are being recalled because of the outbreak that has caused people ranging from one to 88-years-old to become sick. So far 27 people have fallen ill in B.C., 13 in Ontario and 12 in Alberta. Officials aren’t sure how much of a part salmonella played in the two reported deaths.

Apple claims not to be squeezing out competition

Apple is firing back at people accusing the company of stunting the completion on the App Store. Apple removed several parental control apps over concerns about users’ privacy and security, not because it is limiting competition to confront phone addiction. The company says parents shouldn’t have to trade their fears of their children’s device usage for risks to security and privacy.

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