In an area full of lakes and rivers, learning how to paddle can be an important skill.

The Muskoka Paddle Club first dipped an oar in 2016 and each year has added different programs to reach a wider audience.

Whether your interest is canoeing, the kayak or standup paddleboards, there is someone at the club to help teach you the finer points says Jackie Mitchell one of the board of directors.

“It’s a volunteer organization,” explains Mitchell.  “We are very fortunate to have a lot of experienced paddlers in the area.”

They also bring in experts to help all levels of paddlers understand things like reading currents and how to self-rescue.

“The day campers, as well as the evening program for youth, will learn how to self-rescue and learn how to rescue each other as partners,” she says.

As paddlers increase in knowledge and ability there will be opportunities to take on other clubs in competitions.

“The kids have been going three years now and are keen to get into competition,” says Mitchell.

Complete novices can try the sport out with all equipment and life jackets supplied.

“For adults, we also have weekly guided trips all around the region,” she adds.

The equipment has been provided from donors and the Mississauga Paddle club has contributed canoes and kayaks.

And for something completely different the club is offering up a seat in their North Canoe, a vessel that holds six to 10 people and is very large compared to normal two-seater canoes.

The club is located at the base of Bracebridge Falls across from the wharf. With flooding and fast currents, equipment will not be in the water for the time being.

An open house is coming up next month. You can check out their website by clicking here.