A strategic planning session by Gravenhurst Council is helping guide the town in its new priorities.

Held last week through the assistance of a facilitator named John Matheson, the council reviewed its current plan for goals and objectives between 2015 and 2020.

The council identified key priorities including housing, improved communication with residents, developing a master plan for trails and transportation and economic development and growth in the local economy.

Mayor Paul Kelly found the process very enlightening.

“This was a very helpful exercise that provided Council the opportunity to dialogue with each other about what is important to Gravenhurst, consider where we should be focusing our attention, and to take a moment to reflect on our current plan to better understand what’s working, what may need to be improved, refined or changed,” said Kelly.

From a group perspective, he feels the council will be able to keep an eye on long term needs while taking care of day-to-day decision making.

“Council may have a slightly different approach as to how we set priorities and achieve our specific goals, but we all share a similar vision and passion for Gravenhurst and at the end of the day, want what’s best for our citizens,” says Kelly.

Matheson of Strategy Corp. found the Town of Gravenhurst a positive group looking to achieve some important things.

“It was a pleasure working with Mayor Kelly and Council,” said Matheson.  “They are a great mix of experience and new perspectives.”

Strategy Corp will now develop a condensed report that captures the essence of the ideas and priorities expressed by Council.  It will return to Council Chambers in May for further review and consideration.