As the temperatures warm up wildlife starts having babies.

That is when Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary gets busiest.

The Rosseau-based organization is the default call for people in Parry Sound Muskoka who find injured or orphaned animals.

That is why the Sanctuary has launched an online auction. Over 80 donated items are ready for bidding, with the funds raised going to the care of baby fox, moose, deer, and various waterfowl.

The sanctuary will take an animal in and raise it until it is strong enough to be released back into the wild and survive on its own.

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit charity that receives no government funding. It works only off of donations from the public.

Items include dozens of beautiful wildlife prints, canoe paddles, books along with various pet-related items.

The auction started on April 8th and goes through until May 23rd.  To look and bid on auction items click here.