It was great news.

Gravenhurst Mayor Paul Kelly said it was a nice surprise to find out his town was among 405 in Ontario to receive a one-time funding investment from the province.

Gravenhurst is getting $604,110.

Kelly doesn’t know what they will do with the money yet and will consult council and staff to discuss options.

“In the coming days, I intend to engage further with the Ministry to discuss the financial transaction and will work with Council and Staff to explore options as to where the monies would be best allocated,” said Kelly.

There is no shortage of items the windfall can go to he says.

“It is certainly funding that we can use and will put to great use in our community,” Kelly says.

While there are no specific strings attached, the province is hinting it would like the municipalities receiving the collective $12 million in the Parry Sound and Muskoka area to work towards modernization of service delivery and reducing debt.

“We are very grateful to the Ministry for this injection of funding into our community and anticipate that it will not impact existing or future provincial funding opportunities,” said Kelly. “All in all, this is great news for Gravenhurst. I am confident that staff will put forth some well thought out strategic suggestions that council can consider, incorporate into our budgeting plans and share with our citizens.”