The changeover to spring may not lead to any serious flooding in Muskoka.

This from Environment Canada Meteorologist Rob Kuhn, who says there’s likely to be a back and forth of warm and cold temperatures for the next few weeks.
“We will get cold spells, we will get mild spells, but the average temperature will go up,” says Kuhn. “I’m hoping there will be times when the thaw stops for a bit and it will be gradual.”

Kuhn says more rain is in the forecast however, which could have the potential to cause minor flooding.

However, Mara Kerry with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry suggests the current snow pack, which is around 85 cm, could help hold onto much of the rainfall as it slowly thaws out.
“The snow can absorb water,” says Mara. “It’s not completely saturated.”

These predictions are all based on current weather forecasts, which can change quickly.

The MyMuskokaNow Newsroom will keep you updated this Spring on any flood-related issues that could potentially impact the district.