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Trudeau looks to Climate Change to take attention away from SNC-Lavalin; Huawei’s CFO suing Ottawa

Carbon tax ads look to take away attention from SNC-Lavalin drama

The Liberals are attempting to shift Canadians’ focus away from the SNC-Lavalin scandal.
Climate change ads are expected to start airing this week in provinces which don’t currently have a carbon tax in place. In the ads, Justin Trudeau takes aim at his critics saying some politicians want to go back to the Harper years when polluting was free.

Huawei CFO takes aim at Ottawa with new lawsuit

Ottawa is at the heart of a new lawsuit headed by Huawei’s CFO.
The exec claims her constitutional rights were breached when she was arrested by the RCMP in Vancouver last year. The lawsuit comes shortly after an extradition hearing was approved by the feds to send her across the border to face trade and fraud charges.

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23 people, including children, killed in Alabama tornado

The death toll of a tornado that ripped through an American community current stands at 23.
Rescue workers say the devastation is incredible after the F3 tornado hit the community in Alabama. Children were found among the dead and search efforts are still underway.

Pot offences at the border jump after legalization

Marijuana legalization may be causing a headache at the US border.
New statistics from the Canadian Border Services Agency suggests weed confiscation cases jumped 60 per cent for six weeks after the product was legalized. Officials have warned getting caught with pot at the border could land you with a lifetime ban to the US.

HPV raising penile cancer rates in younger men: research

Scientists are finding more reasons for kids to get vaccinated for HPV.
New research shows penile cancer is elevated for men who have contracted HPV. The cancer usually affects men in their 80s, but the HPV infection is reportedly now causing it to show up 50 years earlier.

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