The OPP is warning drivers about the dangers of unmaintained roads after a vehicle was hit by a train.

It happened in Muskoka Lakes Township on Saturday. The OPP says an “overly adventurous” ice fisherman tried to drive down a seasonal road.

He got stuck, at a railway crossing, in deep snow. The OPP says eventually a slow-moving train came by and a crash happened. No one was hurt but some special equipment had to be called in to get the damaged vehicle off the rail line.

Police are reminding drivers that certain roads are “summer maintained” only. That means come winter they’re not sanded, salted, or plowed. They become impassable because of the deep snow, ice and fallen debris to even the best off-road vehicles and the OPP says you shouldn’t try to drive down one no matter what.

The OPP is also reminding people once again that roads that get groomed into snowmobile trails are off limits to all vehicles except snowmobiles.