Huntsville OPP is suggesting you stay home today and tomorrow.

Police say with driving conditions expected to be impacted by two days of heavy snowfall, anyone with travel plans should consider waiting to head out until later in the week.

However, if you do need to drive, police are offering a few tips to make sure you get to your destination safely. Make sure all equipment in your car is working properly including the defroster, headlights, tail lights and hazards as well as windshield wipers.

Police are also suggesting you check your windshield washer fluid, make sure your tank is at least half full and make sure you have booster cables and an emergency kit stowed away in the vehicle.

Finally, drive according to the conditions. If visibility is low, slow down or pull over until conditions improve. If you do need to pull over make sure you pull as far away from the road as possible and turn on your hazard lights.

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