The completion of the North Bala Small Hydro Project came a bit closer to completion this week.

The massive turbine being lowered into the powerhouse. (Supplied Photo)

A five-ton hydro-electric turbine was installed into the powerhouse yesterday.

With the turbine, up to 4.7 megawatts of hydro-electric power will be generated each hour for the province.

“Today’s installation means we are one step closer to the project being completed. Soon families can safely enjoy the site year-round, including new community features like the observation deck overlooking the Moon River, the new park and the additional fish habitat created during the project’s construction,” said Nhung Nguyen, VP Development, Swift River Energy Limited. “We are also one step closer to delivering the kind of clean, renewable, hydro-electric power needed to help drive Ontario’s economy forward.”

According to Swift River Energy, a 2017 report from Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator indicated there would be a shortfall in electricity capacity through the next decade.

There will be some other milestones for the project in the coming weeks as final work on the powerhouse and installation of electrical equipment takes place.