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‘Significant development’ expected to be announced in Bruce McArthur case; Beijing hurls new threats attempting to protect Huawei CFO

Toronto Police expected to provide update on Bruce McArthur case

“A significant development in this case is expected.”
This is all Toronto Police will say as alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur heads back to court for an appearance this morning. The 67-year-old is set to face trial for eight counts of first degree murder next January.

Officers expected to recover, suspects killed following shootout in Houston

A shootout left two suspects dead and five officers injured with two in critical condition.
This is the latest update from Houston Police following the Monday shooting. Police reportedly took on gunfire while trying to execute a search warrant in a drug investigation. Three of the officers are now in good condition and the other two are expected to recover.

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China presses US to give up extradition plans over Huawei charges

Beijing is giving more warnings as the US prepares to charge Huawei with numerous offences.
US officials allege the tech giant is guilty of unsanctioned trade, bank and wire fraud and stealing secrets from competitor T-Mobile. Huawei’s CFO is facing extradition to the US to answer to these charges. Chinese officials accuse the US of targeting Huawei for political reasons and warn they will protect the company.

Canadian researchers urge parents to limit screen time for young kids

Too much screen time could lead to multiple development issues for kids.
Canadian researchers suggest kids under five who get more than an hour using devices are less likely to develop important motor, social and emotional skills. Officials say parents need to find more creative ways to deal with temperamental kids rather than putting a device in front of them.

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