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Ford Government considers one agency model for provincial health services; Travelers beware warns Chrystia Freeland

Healthcare could be overseen by one board in Ontario: report

The Ford Government may be planning to move healthcare under one umbrella in Ontario.
Citing provincial sources, the Toronto Star reports Ontario may move to a ‘super agency’ model, which will consist of a government-appointed board to oversee all health services. This new model would reportedly replace the Local Health Integration Networks, Ontario Cancer Care and eHealth Ontario. It would also eliminate many provincial agencies.

Student advocates criticize removal of free tuition

Critics are taking aim at the Ford Government’s OSAP changes.
Alongside the 10 per cent tuition fee cut, the province announced the cancellation of free tuition for low-income students. The Liberal-created program gave low-income students access to more grants to cover all their costs. But, student advocates say this change means low-income students will now have to take out costly loans to offset tuition fees.

Chinese Ambassador warns of repercussions against Canada

China’s ambassador is warning Justin Trudeau to back off.
The Beijing official said the PM should stop his efforts to recruit allies in Canada’s fight with China. He also said Canada has backstabbed China by arresting Huawei’s CFO and warned of repercussions if Ottawa bans the company’s 5G technology.

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Check before you venture out of Canada warns Ottawa official

Ottawa’s Foreign Affairs Minister has a stern warning for adventurous Canadians.
Chrystia Freeland warns Canadians to stay updated on Global Affairs travel advisories as the world is currently a turbulent place. This comes after a Canadian man was abducted and killed in Africa and a Canadian woman went missing after visiting the same area. China has also sentenced a Canadian to death for drug smuggling and has detained others.

Floods becoming more likely and costly in Canada: researchers

Canada isn’t adapting to changing flood conditions, and it’s getting very costly.
Canadian researchers say climate change is fueling more flooding across the country, which is leading to more damage and a higher need for national preventative measures. Experts say many large communities are built on flood plains, but in some cases there is no protection against this type of natural disaster.

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