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LHIN model could be on Doug Ford’s chopping block; NDP warns tuition announcement may be hiding OSAP cuts

Healthcare overhaul could include restructure of LHIN model

The Ford Government could be poised to make the biggest move since taking office last year.
According to CBC News, provincial sources claim the Tories plan to cut down the current Local Health Integration Network from 14 to five. The LHIN model was created by the Liberals in 2007 to filter billions of dollars into Ontario’s hospitals and other health services. They collectively cost about $90 million annually to run.

NDP concerned Ford Government is planning OSAP cuts

The NDP is cautioning Ontarians about an upcoming cut to tuition fees.
The Ford Government is expected to announce the 10 per cent cut today on fees for college and university students starting this fall. But, the opposition party believes the Tories are also planning a cut in OSAP coverage.

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China bites back against more Canadian criticism

Tension between Canada and China is growing higher.
China’s foreign ministry says Chrystia Freeland spoke without thinking when she claimed they were a threat to other countries. Beijing claims Canada is the threat for detaining Chinese citizens without reason. Huawei’s CFO was arrested in Vancouver on suspected trade crimes at the request of the US.

International experts suggest meat, egg and dairy intake needs to be cut

A group of international researchers says meat, eggs and dairy shouldn’t be major diet staples.
Their recently released study suggests plant-based diets, which include more whole grains, beans and fruits and veggies, are healthier for people and the environment. Experts suggest each week you should be eating no more than four eggs, one serving of red meat and limited dairy and sugar.

Coffee beans at risk of extinction in 20 years

In a few decades coffee could lose its hold as a morning staple.
A new study suggests more than half of the world’s coffee bean plants are at risk of extinction, due to climate change. The beans at risk include popular choices like arabica and robusta.

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