One Bracebridge business owner says they have no concerns about the safety of a Diabetes Bin in front of their store.

This follows the recent death of a woman in Toronto who appears to have suffocated while trying to gain access to a bin provided by B’Nai Brith.

Naveen Chandra is the owner of Kwik E Mart at 115 Taylor Road. He was emphatic when reached by My Muskoka that the bin in front of his convenience store was safe.

“It is very hard to get access,” says Chandra of the roughly five-foot high metal container.

The bins are used to collect donated clothing from the community. Trucks from Diabetes Canada then pick them up to bring back to a distribution centre.

“It’s a different style totally and there is no way to get into it,” says Chandra.

Some of the boxes being provided in Toronto to various charities have anti-access designs built in creating a pinch point if someone is trying to climb into where the clothes are kept.  Rangeview does provide bins for both Diabetes Canada and B’Nai Brith, but the boxes in Toronto appear to be different designs to the kind found in Bracebridge.

The Diabetes Canada website shows there are five bins in place around Bracebridge and four in Gravenhurst. Huntsville has a total of five bins as well. My Muskoka called Diabetes Canada for a comment but had not heard back at time of publication.