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Pot shop lottery to run at the end of the week in Ontario; Researchers warn against donating to cancer treatment crowdfunding

Ontario pot shop decision likely to be announced by Saturday

The time to apply for a pot shop in Ontario is now.
The province will accept applications until Wednesday before running a lottery to select 25 locations on Friday. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario says 11 will be split between downtown Toronto and the GTA, west Ontario will be allowed seven stores, five in the east and Northern Ontario will get two. All stores will be allowed to open April 1st.

Be wary of donating to cancer treatments on crowdfunding sites

Don’t get fooled by crowdfunding cancer treatment.
That’s the message from Canadian researchers, who found millions have been spent through sites like GoFundMe for unproven homeopathic treatments for the disease. Experts say cancer patients tend to be the top targets who spend money on these campaigns and die before the fundraiser finishes.

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Trump holds firm on wall demands, eyes emergency fund

Neither side is budging on Donald Trump’s wall demands.
The President isn’t willing to give up on his border wall funding in order to put an end to a partial US government shut down. And on the other side, the democrats will not allow him to access the near $6 billion in funding. Trump has also hinted he may try access national emergency funds.

Heart health problems likely to affect Canadians salaries

Canadians affected by heart problems may also suffer from financial woes.
A new study suggests middle-aged Canadians who’ve suffered from something like a heart attack or a stroke likely won’t be able to work as much, which will affect earnings. Researchers say these type of life-altering events cause trauma to bodies and brains, which affects productivity on the job.

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