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Flu shot a necessity as season peak nears say doctors; Scientists take aim at cancer-causing cured and processed meats

Health officials say it’s not too late to get vaccinated

As flu season prepares to peak, doctors are urging Canadians to get the shot.
Health officials warn the infection rate will likely hit its highest between the end of January and mid-February. Experts say the only real line of defense is the vaccination, which is proving to be more effective against the strain of flu this season compared to last.

Scientist coalition calls for end to nitrate use in meats 

Cut out the nitrates.
The call comes from a coalition of scientists who say global governments need to take stronger action against the carcinogenic additive in processed meats. In 2015, the World Health Organization declared nitrates found in things like bacon, burgers and hot dogs were very likely to cause cancer. The group of scientists says there are other ways to process meats without adding deadly chemicals.

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Top Chinese prosecutor says detained Canadians are definitely guilty

China has no doubt two detained Canadians are guilty.
The country’s top prosecutor told Reuters, he is certain the two former diplomats broke state laws, but wouldn’t comment on when charges would be laid. The arrests came after Hauwei’s CFO was taken into custody in Vancouver. China has lashed out and warned Canada to release her.

Lawsuit against Uber Canada allowed to move ahead

A $400 million lawsuit against Uber is being green lit by an Ontario court.
The lawsuit claims Uber drivers in Canada are employees allowing them minimum wage, overtime and vacation. Uber attempted to fight the lawsuit using a clause that would only allow complaints to be heard in the Netherlands, but it was struck down by Ontario’s Court of Appeal.

True Holocaust death toll uncovered by researchers

Researchers are delving deep into the Holocaust to uncover the true cost of human life.
According to The Telegraph, researchers believe the Nazi murder rate was three times higher than originally suggested. Previous reports claimed 6,000 people were killed daily in death camps, but new research suggests it was likely 15,000. Experts say 1.3 million people were killed during a 100-day period.

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