A snowshoer had to be rescued today.

The Muskoka Lakes Fire Department and the Muskoka Paramedic Services responded to the call on the Fish Hatchery Trail off Highway 141 in Muskoka Lakes at around 4:20pm.

A man and a woman were snowshoeing on the trail when, the fire department says, the woman lost her grip because of the extremely icy conditions.

She slid down the hilly trail to the rushing water below but came to a stop on a small landing at the bottom.

The rescue snowmobile sled only got crews about a quarter of the way on the two kilometre trek to save the woman with the rest of the journey having to be made on foot.

The fire department says they were able to quickly find the woman who had hurt her leg, but had no life threatening injuries.

Crews lowered a stokes basket down the roughly 20 feet to the woman and she was carried back out to the rescue sled before being taken to the hospital in Bracebridge.  The fire department is not releasing her name.

One firefighter also hurt his back during the rescue sliding down the trail hill as he got closer to the woman. That injury was minor and did require a stop at the hospital.