A committee has started looking at the design of the future two hospital sites in Bracebridge and Huntsville.

Looking to identify the goals and objectives the Task Force has begun reviewing draft definitions of each of the guiding principles of the Two Acute Sites model.

An update was received on the concept of “blocking and stacking” following a workshop by the planning consultants on November 10th.

Breaking out into various groups – elements such as how various work areas relate to each other and where various programs and services should be located were examined.

Still under consideration for both sites are the concepts of renovation and addition and a completely new build.

Mockups of various design options have been produced by Stantec, the architectural firm, following the November 10th workshop.

These mockups demonstrated the most ideal expansion or development areas on each piece of land. They also showed where various departments and services would be deployed within these conceptual designs.

The Task Force will be presenting finalized options to the community in the New Year before recommending a preferred design option for each of the acute care sites this coming spring.

There was also a continued discussion on the local share of funding required for each of the sites. Within that discussion, a small working group is being developed to focus on the anticipated local share and how that might be raised within the community.

The next Task Force meeting is scheduled for February 4th, 2019.