She was raised from the deep and will be on display at this year’s 34th Annual Antique and Classic Boat Show in Gravenhurst. The Wa Chee We is a 1923, 35’ Ditchburn boat owned by John Unsworth. It will be the feature boat for the show which happens Saturday, July 5th at the Muskoka Wharf. The Wa Chee We was built at the Ditchburn factory in Gravenhurst and was designed by George Crouch.  In an effort to keep her safe, the boat’s former owner, Wib Archer sank her in what he thought was about 30’ of water off Browning Island in Lake Muskoka. Thanks to an odd set of circumstances, the boat eventually came to rest in a 100’ deep bowl. In 2010, John Unsworth set about the task of bringing her back to the surface and back to life. The Antique and Classic Boat Show is Canada’s largest in-water vintage boat show and attracts thousands of visitors to the Gravenhurst area each year. (Photo courtesy of Du Vernet Photography)