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Employee-medical provider collusion major factor in insurance fraud cases; China arrests third Canadian

Employees enticed by incentives by providers to make false health claims

More Canadian employees are getting sucked into insurance fraud scams.
A fraud investigator with Sun Life tells CBC News, the scam usually involves collusion between medical providers and employees. The worker is enticed to collect on false claims by the promise of free cash or other incentives. Sun Life has reportedly cut 1,500 providers from its coverage in 2017.

Global Affairs Canada confirms detainment of third Canadian in China

A third Canadian is reportedly being held in China.
According to the National Post, Global Affairs Canada confirmed the detention of the third man. A family source told the newspaper he is not a former diplomat. Two other Canadians connected to Ottawa have been detained in what is believed to be retaliation for the arrest of Huawei’s CFO.

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Freeland says tariffs hit hard against US auto parts deal

Chrystia Freeland says the US tariffs on steel and aluminum must go.
The Foreign Affairs Minister claims Canada has a good chance at getting rid of the tariffs in 2019, because they work against an auto parts agreement at the heart of the new USMCA trade deal. US automakers have joined in calling on the White House to pull the tariffs before the final deal is signed.

Scheer says Ottawa should cut oil, not export deal

Andrew Scheer says losing export money is not an effect way to penalize Saudi Arabia.
Speaking with the Globe and Mail the Tory leader says Ottawa shouldn’t cut a billion-dolllar arms deal over the murder of a US journalist. Scheer says the more effective method is stopping the flow of Arabian crude into Canada. Justin Trudeau recently said he’s looking for a way out of the Conservative-created export deal.

Negative responses on sex-ed survey likely from ‘certain groups’: Doug Ford

Doug Ford is suggesting the sex-ed consultation results were skewed on day one.
The Ontario Premier was the target of heavy criticism when the online survey was released in August, with many questioning his repeal of the Liberal-created modernized curriculum. But, Ford claims those first-day responses likely came from a flood of certain groups. The province will review the survey results before shaping the new curriculum.


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