The Gateway Muskoka Homeownership Program is getting a big boost.

Rotary Club of Gravenhurst President Gord McNeice presented Gateway Homes Advisory Group members Gord Adams and Ken Little with an anonymous donation in the amount of $200,000 to the Gateway Reserve Fund.

The presentation was made at the district’s council meeting on Monday.

In his presentation to Muskoka District Council Monday evening McNiece stated “We in the Rotary Club have been able to act as a catalyst on many projects but the degree of success is often due to the support of the people in communities we serve.  This is one such project that we are proud to support and we would be remiss if the generous support of the donor was not acknowledged.  We are truly blessed to have not only a broad base of the community rally around a cause but also individuals who by good fortune, hard work, inheritance, investment or lottery have been successful in life and are willing to share their success in a substantial way with those who are in need of a helping hand up… The enormous interest, energy, dedication and determination of all concerned has been instrumental towards making homeownership more attainable in Muskoka.  The donor would like to thank those who are excited about administering this program and helping to promote it.”

The district says the donation will assist in opening the door to homeownership for over 100 individuals and families across the District of Muskoka over the next few years.

“The District recognizes the significant and growing need for affordable housing across Muskoka,” said Nancy Alcock, Chair of the District’s Community and Planning Services Committee.  “We are very thankful for this generous donation and are excited to be working with community partners like Rotary to create more affordable housing supports in our communities.”

The program was started in August of last year, founded by Fred and Audrey Brown with the first loan was settled back in January. District staff expected between 10 and 15 loans of up to $20,000 would be given through the program by the end of the year.

You can learn more about the program at the district’s website.