A bunch of kids getting dirty has turned into donations to three Muskoka charities.

The Muskoka Mud Run, held this past October 12th, had 35 schools and up to 1200 kids participating.

Nothing comes home clean after a Mud Run. (Mud Run Photo)

Donations have been made to the Muskoka Children’s Foundation, Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and Community Living South Muskoka that owns Morrison Meadows Park.

The trails go through open fields, forest trails and a number of, particularly messy mud holes.

One year there was a bit too much rain and adjustments had to be made. “We diverted past a certain area because it was just too swampy,” co-organizer Andy Zeltkalns told My Muskoka Now News this past September. “It was so muddy at a certain point you don’t want the kids to get bogged down.”

According to Zeltkalns and co-organizer Ellen Yeo over the years the Muskoka Mud Run has raised over $20,000 for the local community.

For more information on the Mud Run and the charities, they support visit the event website by clicking here.