Staying warm in the winter can be worrisome but here are some tips to combat the cold.

If you plan on going out for some outdoor activities, it is important to dress accordingly. Staff with the Haliburton Forest suggest if you plan on spending any extended time outside you need to do some things to fight off frostbite and stave off sickness.

One suggestion to make the most being outside in the winter is to strategically layer your clothes. According to staff, it’s a good idea to start with wool, polyester, silk or nylon to wick the sweat away from your body as you move. It is also reccommended that you shed layers as you get warm because as sweat cools it can cause your core body temperature to drop even faster.

Another suggestion if your heading outside is to make sure the clothes you’re layering is loose fitting. Semi-loose fitting clothes can create a layer of warm air between the clothes.

Once you have your loose-fitting layers planned out, it is reccommended that your top layer is water-proof and wind resistant.

Forest staff say that you need to remember your extremities. They add you should be going out with hats, mitts, face warmers, and scarves. Although your body is mostly covered, your hands, face, and ears can get frostbite if they are exposed for too long.

The last tip they suggest is to keep moving. If you are outside for a while, you need to make sure that you keep your blood flowing without overexerting yourself because again sweat will create a layer of icy water against your body.