December is officially bringing winter to Muskoka, along with some very chilly weather.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Gerald Cheng says the early forecast suggests colder-than-normal temperatures for the holiday season month. A few cold weather records were broken in Cottage Country for November and Cheng says he can’t rule out a similar trend next month.

“Especially if more arctic air masses come down to the region,” said Cheng. “This time of the year you just never know because it’s really the battleground between the warmer air masses to the south and the colder air masses to the north.”

Cheng says there’s a high likelihood of an arctic air mass winning that battle, causing another cold snap in Muskoka.

On November 22nd, Muskoka broke a cold weather record from 2008 after the temperature dipped to -23.2.

Cheng says the battle between air masses also means Muskoka will likely be all over the place with the temperature as well.

“We get these arctic blasts and so sometimes it will be cold, but sometimes it will be ‘Okay, its okay, it’s bearable’,” says Cheng. “That’s what we see right now heading into December.”

As for an early prediction of a white Christmas, Cheng says he’d rather wait until closer to December 24th to see what Santa has in store for the district.

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