As area councils sit down for meetings in December, they will begin with some new faces.

The Town of Bracebridge will be holding a Declarations of Office ceremony on Wednesday, December 5th.

It is being held at the Rene M. Caisse Theatre, 100 Clearbrook Trail, Bracebridge  at 7:00pm.

One newcomer is taking the oath for the first time as Andrew Struthers begins his four year term.

The public is welcome at this ceremony.

Here are the councillors to be sworn in:

Graydon Smith, Mayor
Steve Clement, District Councillor
Rick Maloney, District Councillor
Don Smith, District Councillor
Archie Buie, Draper Ward Councillor
Barb McMurray, Oakley Ward Councillor
Mark Quemby, Monck/Muskoka Ward Councillor
Andrew Struthers, Macaulay Ward Councillor
Chris Wilson, Bracebridge Ward Councillor