Town and District:

We have a new face to represent us at the district level on council. Nancy Alcock was one of three elected as Huntsville’s town and district councillor. Alcock says it was an honour to run with all the candidates.

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John Davis who currently serves as Chaffey Ward councillor ran for district council, but was not elected. Alcock says this was a great achievement for not only herself, but the people who’ve worked with her during the campaign.

Meantime, Counillor Karin Terziano will get to keep a seat on council, but this time representing the needs of Huntsville at District Council. Terziano got almost 6,000 votes. She says she wants to be the same councillor at district that she has been for the past four years in Huntsville.

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Terziano will join Brian Thompson, who was re-elected to district council. Thompson says he’s was quite pleased with the results.

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Thompson received almost 5,000 votes on Monday’s election.

Chaffey Ward:

Chaffey ward has a new councillor. Jonathan Wiebe received just over 2,000 votes. He says he’s looking forward to the new council.

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This isn’t Wiebe’s first time running for council. He ran at the 2010 election and lost to John Davis.

Huntsville Ward:

You may know him as the owner of Christmas Tyme in Huntsville, but for the people of Huntsville Ward, you will now know him as councillor Bob Stone. Stone says he’s grateful for the win.

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Stone beat John Boysen by almost 600 votes.

Stisted, Stephenson and Port Sydney Wards:

Stisted, Stephenson and Port Sydney residents aren’t seeing a change to their representatives. Det Schumacher was re-elected and says he appreciates the support from the people in his riding.

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Councillor Chris Zanetti was also re-elected. Zanetti says he can’t wait to work with the new members of council.

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Karen Insley, Gordon Haig and Jason Fitzgerlad has run against Schumacher and Zanetti.

Brunel Ward:

Brunel Ward in Huntsville also has a new representative on council. Daniel Armour says he appreciates the constituents of Brunel Ward and those who voted for him.

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Armour also says the people who helped him financially were also a big part in getting him elected.