Keep your dog on a leash when you are in public.

The Gravenhurst By-law division is reminding residents that any dog in public needs to be controlled with a leash and have a valid dog tag. If your dog gets loose and is recovered by animal services without a tag you will need to register your pet and buy a tag before you can get the dog back.

The town reminds residents that there is a large, secure, off-leash park at the end of John Street South, called Staff Sergeant Larry Bigley K9 Park.

Dogs can run there without leashes and socialize.

If your pooch does end up on the run without your permission, you are advised to contact the By-law office at 705-687-3412. The town will help find your dog by patrolling the area and sharing your dog’s image on social media. If the Orillia OSPCA end up with your dog without a tag, you will again need to buy a valid dog tag and fill out a Canine Release Form.

The town encourages residents to be responsible pet owners and take the steps needed to ensure your pet can be reunited if it is lost.

You can buy tags at the Town Office or Pet Valu. Tag information and applications can be found the Town of Gravenhurst website by clicking here