The school board is using technology to try and teach social skills to children with autism.

Elementary schools in the Trillium Lakelands District School Board are getting involved in a pilot project using a robot named Milo. Milo was created by the company Robokind, and he is designed to help children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn how to pick up on facial expressions and tone of voice.

Robokind says that Milo’s autism curriculum focuses on things like greetings, how to keep yourself calm, even how to recognize a smile on someone’s face. Robokind also says Milo has situational modules like going to a friend’s birthday party and other everyday scenarios.

The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association says the Milo Intervention Project is being piloted in elementary schools to start. They say that during the project, students, educators and Milo will sit one-on-one for a 30-minute session three times a week for a 12 week period. The Association says that Milo travels to the different schools on a rotating basis, adding that the goal of the project is to provide necessary social skills to help children be successful.

“The project also increases knowledge for educators, providing tools, strategies, and confidence in delivering quality Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs for students with ASD,” says the association about the Milo Intervention Project.

The project is expected to continue through the 2018-19 school year.