Gas prices have been dropping slowly across Canada, but did you notice in Muskoka? Analyst Dan McTeague says likely not as many stations in the Huntsville and Bracebridge areas haven’t followed the price drop. McTeague says this trend is very specific to Muskoka.

“Nowhere in the province south of North Bay are you seeing those kinds of prices,” says McTeague. “That means retailers are really taking a lot more than what other stations are charging.”

McTeague says the wholesale price of gas is around 1.03 per litre. estimates the average price in Ontario is about 1.13 compared to an average price in Muskoka on Tuesday around 1.23 per litre. McTeague says a 10 cent increase is a bit rich.

“It’s a call out to gas stations really to avoid taking advantage of consumers,” says McTeague. “I think the gas stations who were once very competitive, ought to be mindful of the fact that we’re watching very closely.”

McTeague is also warning Ontarians to be prepared for provincial changes to gas prices as Ottawa prepares to roll out its carbon tax plan. He estimates at the start of 2019, just over five cents will be automatically tacked onto the price of gas.